About Warranty

The service of free replacement of parts shall be available during the warranty period. The service is limited to non-intentional damage. In case that the user modifies the bike body or uses non-original parts and causes damage to the bike body or parts, the warranty shall not be applicable.

Any human factors such as scratches, deformation, discoloration, dirt, and odor are not included in the warranty.


Warranty period 

Battery: Within one year from the date of purchase, under normal use and maintenance, a new battery for replacement is available when the functions of charging and discharging completely fail or the battery capacity is reduced to less than 50%. If the damage is caused due to poor maintenance by the user, the warranty service shall not be available, and the user shall pay for a new battery. Please refer to the instruction manual for detailed warranty instructions.

Frame, controller, motor, shock absorber steel ring: One year from the date of delivered.

Headlight, rear light, power-interrupting brake handles, mobile phone holders, chargers, meters: One year from the date of delivered. 

No warranty

No warranty
Gifts, consumables (bells, inner and outer tires, brake pads, brake wires, frame cover, fuses, pedals, seat cushions, seat tubes)